L.45 What led Helen Keller out of her “jail” ?

There are several things that lead Helen Keller out of the misery of losing both her sight and hearing. At first all she would do was cling to her mother and feel objects and observe things. She eventually found how to understand and differentiate no, yes, come, and go. Whatever she wanted, she would act it out so people could tell by her actions. Keller also learned to comprehend her mother’s wishes such as going to get something or so. At five years old she was taught to fold clothes, put them away, and distinguish her own from the rest of them. She could tell if her mother or aunt were going out based on what they wore. She had a colored girl whom she played with named Martha Washington. Keller always domineered her, finding it a great pleasure, and Martha wasn’t always so quick to reject. Despite this sort of relationship, they went through many things together. They would knead dough, make ice cream, hunt eggs and achieve certain “goals”. There was one time Helen wanted something in which Martha was not pleased, so she secretly cut of one of Helen’s golden locks. Luckily, her mother was there just in time before Martha could continue. Other than this Keller went through trouble and trouble, one at a time. Once she found the use and how to use a key, she locked her mother in the pantry, pleased with herself. After three hours her mother was let out and her parents decided that, after this rash act, Keller must be taught immediately. Not long after, she locked her teacher up too, who was then taken out through the window.
Keller had a dog named belle who frustratingly did not listen to her. She described Belle as dull, inattentive, lazy, and old. So when she didn’t listen, Keller would leave in search of Martha. When her mother bore a little sister for her, Helen often became jealous for it and was especially jealous when she found her baby sister sleeping in the cradle that she had used for her beloved doll, Nancy, one who she would vent her anger out on all the time. There was another time when she tried to dry her clothes by the fire and accidentally edged it too close. Her clothes caught fire and thanks to her nurse she wasn’t seriously injured. Just her hair and hands were burned. Now lets view Helen’s perspective of her father. She describes him, loving and indulgent, rarely gone and prioritized his home, unless it was the hunting season, and usually brought home some guests whenever he left home. He took great pride in a garden where grew the “finest” watermelons, grapes, and berries where he would lead Helen with great pleasure and excitement. She states that he was a famous story-teller and would spell the words into her hand, enjoying the sound of her repeating them back. Unfortunately, in 1896, Helen, in the middle of her last days of summer, received sad news of her father’s death. It was the first great sorrow she had undergone; however, things went well anyways. Helen Keller went through times of happiness, sadness, mischief and more yet it all helped Helen achieve in becoming a great successful person, deaf and blind.

L.25 What are the major turning points in your life. What changed? Why were they turning points? How did they take place?

One of the major turning points of life came around 2017. I had just left sixth grade into summer break. I had been looking forward to seventh grade since the whole fifth grade would be moving in consisting in several friends and little family. Although it might not sound like much, I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait. Until my dad approach me with the idea of being home schooled. I strongly disagreed though I didn’t show it, but I saw that there was no way out of it, and even if I did, things I didn’t want might’ve happened. So I grudgingly agreed as all my hopes plummeted downward. After that, I tried to convince myself that it was for the best, and I tried to look at the advantages, but as I did, the disadvantages came rushing in too. When I started, things went out nice. It was enjoyable and sort of fun and it stayed that way. I expected to be put back in school in high school or something but those hopes came crashing down after we found out that we would be moving back to our former house, hours away. This was another major turning point and hit me really hard. We’re still working on moving and I still long to go to school here but I guess, I’ll have to stick with this for now. I don’t not like home-schooling. It’s just that there’s a funner way of getting an education and I obviously prefer that one but home-schooling really isn’t all that bad. It has it’s advantages and trains me to a much higher level than it would be in school. Lets hope things don’t go the wrong way for us and wish everyone a happy life!

L. 20 What is my favorite or most memorable part of “A Bus of My Own”

Jim’s heart attack was one of the most interesting part. He describes the symptoms of chest pains and sore arms and also describes the actual heart attack as a truck rolling up and down his chest and a blade slicing his arm. After it passes, the nurses congratulate him for surviving a heart attack. As a result of it, he abruptly stops smoking, changes his diet, and begins a nap routine. Before his surgery, he leaves messages with his wife and daughters and luckily he survives. He receives gifts from friends and neighbors plus messages of care from strangers after his heart attack. Jim states that he was amazed by that as well and that he couldn’t imagine writing a letter to someone he barely knew, wishing them good health and care to their family. He was popular though, as a journalist, so that might have been why he was getting king letters from people he didn’t know. The thing that grabbed me the most was the change in his diet. He went from soft drinks, candy, ice cream, chips, chili dogs, waffles and pancakes with syrup, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and more to carrots and celery sticks with nonfat yogurt, pita bread, fruit, caffeine-free drinks, green beans, peas, spinach casserole, oatmeal, apples, orange juice, and popcorn unbuttered, unsalted. It is quite unbelievable and makes a tremendous change. This autobiography is a good model. Besides the heart attack, his life is pretty simple which is normally what I worry about when it come to my own autobiographies.


L. 15 Discuss some of the good things that came as a result of his heart attack

Before Jim Lehrer encountered his heart attack, he used to smoke countlessly. In the car, at the house, in the office, and even on airplanes. Kate, his wife, never smoked due to her ticklish nose and often complained about it whenever he smoked by her. Jim then stopped smoking around her but Kate still nagged him for his health’s sake. Then when his daughters grew of age and knew the dangers of smoking, they joined in. This lead to Jim smoking anywhere but home. He would hide packs under the car seat, in his office drawer, and several other places. Despite his addiction, he also tried his best to stop. He tried nicotine gum and also went to a hypnotist to stop. This helped him for a few months; however, it always came back. Sometimes he he had the nerve to toss a pack and this usually occurred when his wife or kids were around. This put off a good play but he never quit for good. That is till after his heart attack. After that, the psychological addiction went away. Not only did he stop smoking but his diet also changed in a major way. He went from, ice cream, soft drinks, fires, burgers, corn dogs, chocolate, coffee, and pastrami with mayonnaise to fruit, caffeine free drinks, nonfat yogurt dip with carrots and celery, pita bread, and oatmeal. Almost everything changed. He began to take a nap routine suggested by his doctor, Kenny Kent. As another result of his heart attack, people began to write to him. Even strangers wrote encouraging and kind things, wishing him well. Neighbors and friends sent or dropped of all sorts of gifts from food to flowers to books.


Lesson 10

Vacations come and go once a year or so but to be honest, I believe my vacations are quite extravagant. When I went to public school we usually went some where for vacation like most people but ever since I started homeschooling, I was able to go on trips while everyone else was in school. It was great to be able to enjoy while everyone else was in school listening to some lecture. Of course I am not the only person who gets to have these opportunities. There were plenty of other kids like me who were also home schooled. The fact that going on vacations in off-peak seasons were also a big advantage for my parents. Plane tickets were cheaper although it is rare that we ride the plane. The only times we have was on our trips to France. My dad’s side of the family live there which gives us the reason to enjoy the Eiffel Tower and “pan chocolat”(croissants filled with chocolate). We visited different monuments and buildingslike The Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Bateaux Mouches (a river cruise), etc. . We additionally visited beaches and beautiful views. We walked a long bridge to Mont-Saint-Michel, an island. It was pretty crowded, but very nice. It reminded me of how houses used to be back then. Not that I lived then but according to pictures. We toured around visiting little souvenir shops and watched the waters. Despite France’s beauties, family is most important and fun for me. I cherish those moments while I can before heading back to my home in the States. I’ve visited France a few times some of which are faint memories but I still relish the thoughts and prefer that location above all others. France is a rather big deal with the costs in spite of cheap plane tickets, so we don’t go all the time. In fact we go every few years. On other vacations, we do road trips and visit national parks where most of the breath-taking views come from. The largest road trip that I remember most is what we call “The Three Week Road Trip”. As it sounds, it was indeed three weeks long and a long drive. What we did was from Texas, where I live, we drove through New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and back through New Mexico to home. We probably went through many hotels and B and Bs which was pretty much. Yes, it was exhausting and with three to eight hour long rides, you could say I was a bit impatient to arrive and bored. However it was worth the wait. We visited the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. I had been to Yellowstone before when I was younger so it wasn’t too new for me but things did change a bit. My favorite part in the Grand Canyon was feeding the squirrels. Their was a part in the park were it was rock only with holes. Some squirrels and chipmunks came out where we threw sunflower seeds. That was in Arizona and in California, I ran into a squirrel whose stomach was huge! It dragged on the floor whenever he walked and was a funny sight, but I thought it was sort of cute. I fed it with peanuts that a nice lady gave me. Both were memorable places but not my favorites. If I could choose any states to revisit, it would be… Oregon and Montana. In Oregon we stayed in a farm for a night. It was the best part. They had orchards, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and animals. Since I was young, I didn’t really pay attention than anything else other than their dog, Tillie. She was a playful thing and love playing fetch although I did wander around. At that time their was a couple staying their. In exchange of living their, they helped the owner and learned lots of useful things. They were friendly and kept us company. I fed their farm animals too which for me at that time was very interesting and fun. What was strange for me were our meals. They had wild edibles which were flowers. To be honest I didn’t really enjoy them and I have a few, but I slid the rest to my mom. Besides that, I would play outside all day long with Tillie but eventually it was time to go. In Montana, We visited the Glaciers. It was warm but there were still snow on the mountains. We walked on pathways and crossed many creeks. There were also mountain goats who roamed freely. It walked on the path too which was kind of scary for us, but it did no harm. There was a time we spotted a group of goats. There were some young ones who were hopping about and playing with other babies. It was adorable. With my dad’s camera, we saw some rams far up on the mountain. I had never been so close to wild life, so all this amazed me. It was pretty awesome. There was one time, I don’t quite remember where, but I visited some sand dunes. There weren’t many people so it was more enjoyable and peaceful. I would try crawling up as far as I could but it altogether got somewhat boring for a young girl like me. Another one of my favorites was a lake. It is called Lake McDonald. The water was see through and on the bottom were colorful stones of red, yellow, green, and gray. I got to swim in it actually and the water was freezing! However I got used to it and swam and ran around for sometime before leaving. Moving on the next big vacation was like any other. Kind of. We went to the beach in Florida, called Sanibel. Sanibel was one of the best shelling spots. For those of you who don’t know what shelling is, it is basically finding shells; however, not just any shells. Before I move on, let me explain how I came to find Sanibel. When I went to school something happened with the teachers, so for that period we were in the library. The librarian, a nice lady who we call Mrs. Hollis, had a large supply of beautiful shells that I /we, including my classmates, had never seen. She let us have a few and since they were so pretty, I questioned her about this magnificent place she had been to find such charms. She explained to me about Sanibel, Florida and showed me the destination on a close-up atlas. When I got home, I showed my parents what I had collected from school and they also became interested. We never went too soon but we kept the idea in our head. Finally it was vacation time and this was after I started home schooling. We went Sanibel to go shelling. We collected, and I still have several, shells just as pretty as the ones I had seen in the library, but what I didn’t get to see was a sand dollar. I thought finding one would be pretty rare but when we visited another shelling island, we did not only stay in Sanibel, I saw a sand dollar! It was out of the way under the bridge so I was unable to reach it but I had the feeling that this was the place to find what I wanted. We had come on a small tour guide’s boat so we had limited time if we wanted to get back. They gave us three hours and was one of the best three hours of my life. I shelled and when it got boring I would run along the shoreline to cool myself from the hot sun. There was actually one time when I saw something big and black leap out of the water and back in. It was probably just a fish that got scared but that kept me out of the waters for a long while. The thought of something dragging me down into the deep dark sea was a little scary. Meanwhile I did find my sand dollar and not just one or two. We found at least ten! We also found whole lightning whelks since the island was deserted and people hardly came. On Sanibel we found broken conchs and lightning whelks so that place seemed much better. I saw some fish though I never went into the water head and all. On my other vacations, we went to Philadelphia for my aunt and baby cousin and Colorado, Tennessee, and Kentucky for my mom’s cousin (they moved from one state to the other). Then we took short vacations around Texas, to the beach or something alike. They weren’t as great as going to France or driving around the world but it was still a good way to take a break. I can’t wait for my next vacation. This time we might go on another road trip! Well, whatever it is, I will be able to talk all about after it’s over. Until then


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