If you were writing an autobiography, I believe it is important to write about your philosophy of life because everybody views life differently. You want to get an insight on what others believe especially when you are reading about the author’s life. Without knowing their philosophy, there may be a lot of things you will not understand or agree on. I think it is convenient and makes sense if the author puts a paragraph or two at the beginning of the book. You can see what the author’s views are and be prepared for what is to come. A person’s philosophy can also give the reader insight as to why they made some decisions that they did. Going back to not understanding, when you read things that the author did, you might not see the sense in it and form your own criticism on the author or someone else but after reading the author’s beliefs before (or maybe now), you can really start to see how their actions match with their beliefs. 

Reading different ways of thinking can not only help you understand the author but it can also open your mind and that your ways of thinking are not the ways others think. It can help with your life and mind set.

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