Henry David Thoreau was an American essayist, poet, and philosopher. He had a few siblings who never had children or married including thoreau himself. Perhaps this was what he meant by being independent. He grew to take interest in natural history, botany, articles on traveling, and tons of others and in 1845 he began his famous works on his stay at the Walden Pond, where he lived for two years. In 1854 he published Walden, where everyone could read his experiences at the Walden Pond. 

Experiences? Wait, no, I mean- well, read on and you’ll see what i mean.

 Autobiographies normally recount most of their writer’s life in literature. In Thoreau’s case, he may have put it in literature but he hardly tells about his personal life which, to me, makes the whole of an autobiography. He seems to prefer writing about his philosophies and complaining about the new life and criticizing the difference between “back then” and now. 

Thoreau’s autobiography was very narrative and confusing. He claimed to have lived a hermit’s lifestyle when he relied on several different things, things he hadn’t made, grown, or done himself. He even emphasized how men should be independent and self supporting.

He didn’t have any order in his book, no chronological sequence here. It was hard to tell when and where things are going on so much of it is all about his mind. It was confusing too.

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