Thoreau Walden was a man who lived in the woods near his mother’s property. In his autobiography “Life In The Woods,” he goes on and on about how a person should only own one pair of clothes, how they should only work two weeks in a year, that all people should do what their hearts tell them to, and how charity is the wickedness of the Devil. 

Thoreau lived on his mother’s property for many years of his life. He was ignorant to what real life was. He said that he was opposed to the labor force because his life was spent doing nothing. I would say he was pretty dependent on Walden Pond. he also expresses that men should be independent. He had no family but he was still very dependent. He relied on his mother, bought tools from stores, and bought food from stores,which had been made from laborers. He even had his neighbors help him in house raising although he was going to live by the Walden Pond to be self-sufficient. That doesn’t sound independent at all and buying from stores, this is counted on depending on the division of labor. And all at the same time he believes in not working at all! According to him, he was entirely dependent upon himself. He once said, “Men work too hard, plowing themselves into compost.” He has written countless remarks just like this. Then he shows his dislike of factories and luxury but goes back to his mother and works in a pencil factory under the life of luxury from his parents!

Some may say he was introverted but at least twice a week to get supplies and socialize. This is more proof that he did not lead a hermit’s lifestyle. He was sort of a hypocrite here and there which is confusing to a lot people. So here’s the whole of it:

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