Solomon Northup was a free colored man until one day, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. In this process, he was forced to leave his family behind who had no idea where he was and what he was up to during that time. It must have been a horrible feeling for Solomon knowing his family was worried for him. Fortunately, later on, he was able to send a letter to them, carried by a kind sailor, telling them of his condition. In the end, he escaped in 1853 and went back to his family.
At the beginning of this havoc, he was sold with two other slaves: Harry and Eliza. Eliza, at that time, had a young son, Randall, and a young daughter, Emily, with her in the slave market. Unfortunately for her, her son is sold to someone else, separately from his mother or sister. Eliza is desperate and pleads to have all three of them sold at once however things do not go her way. Another owner comes and agrees to buy Northup, Harry, and Eliza. Again Eliza pleads for her new owner to buy her daughter as well so the two of them could go together and that she was too young to live without her mother. Her owner is sympathetic but the cruel slave trader, refused, claiming that Emily was not for sale. Since the young girl had a fair appearance, he also stated that in a few years, many men would pay high prices for her. So Eliza was dragged from her children, grief-stricken forever, the main cause of her death later on. So Eliza never got to see her children again, believing that they had led unpleasant lives.
So in my opinion, Solomon had it much easier than Eliza. He was able to see his family again and escape slavery. They both probably suffered much grief; however, I think that Eliza had the worst of it, knowing she would never see her beloved children again.

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