John Thompson was a slave who made his autobiography, recounting his past events in his slavery. John Thompson, who does not state how he had one of the honors as a slave to knows reading and writing. Although this was a dangerous and illegal gift to have, thanks to this, Thompson provides us with his autobiography. This autobiography among many other marvelous stories gives all his readers an insight on life as a slave and the days of slavery.
Thompson was born in Maryland in 1812. Thompson could see the cruelty in the relation between slaves and their slave owners or overseers. For example, Mr. Wagar. Mr. Wagar was a cruel slave driver. He took pleasure in seeing and inflicting pain on one. He would gather up his slaves and give them whippings just to maintain the submission of his slaves. He found it amusing to force slaves to flog their own family and so did his children, especially his son, John. John would call for the colored children to do chores, sweeping and cleaning the yard of weeds, and at the same time, he would go around, whipping some of them who had thin shirts or bare backs so that blood would run for his own entertainment. Some of the slave owners were so cruel that the slaves found death better than a whipping like Ben who preferred hanging himself over a flogging but as a result, was led to an even worse situation, bring whipped until you could see “his entrails moving about” and left unable to move for nearly five weeks.
So, yes, Thompson composes persuasive writings that the South slave system is morally evil. Considering the interactions between slaves and their masters or slave overseers and the horrifying stories that take place, I am well persuaded that the slaves got the worst of it during this era of slavery.

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