Booker T. Washington was a smart hardworking man from his childhood as a slave to his adulthood, founder of Tuskegee Institute. He worked hard and sacrificed a lot to have a successful future. At first, when Booker was freed from slavery, as he was the child of a slave therefore the child was a slave, he had very little promise to life. The only thing he could do was labor. When he overheard men talking about an institute, Hampton Institute, in a coal mine, he makes up his mind and goes on his way to attend the Institute after bidding his dear mother farewell. The problem was that he didn’t have enough money to pay for Hampton institute since his mother was poor and so was the free man she married. So, instead of going straight to school, he set off for jobs to create enough of a sum of money to pay for his school. For the time being, he stopped by a woman, Mrs. Ruffner, who agreed to let him live with her while he could do school and get an education. she was rumored to be ill-tempered and strict but as time grew, Booker learned to see the woman as family. He stayed with her for about a year and a half before tearfully deciding to move on.

He went underground where he found men cargo lifting in a ship. He approached the captain and asked to work for him in exchange of a small amount of money. The captain kindly agreed and provided shelter and food for Booker as well. After several days, he finally resolved to make his way toward the Institute where he gave himself the surname “Washington”. He was given the opportunity to teach at Hampton afterward by General Armstrong and later on, recommended Booker to Tuskegee Institute although he was asked to recommend a white man. After that he became leader over the Tuskegee Institute.

Under Booker’s leadership, the Tuskegee Institute became a famous leading school for both colors, black and white. Booker was very successful and turned out to have a colorful future. Fr me, I don’t know what will happen out int he future and if mine will be dull or colorful. All I know is that hard work is what Booker did to earn his success.

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