Booker T. Washington had developed a school, not only for whites, but blacks as well. Of course he felt that it was unjustified for only whites to get a proper education just because of their skin color. Now, I would call this an elitist program. People getting special treatment because of their wealth, looks, ranks, or, in this case, skin color. However, was Booker’s school an elitist program? Yes, Booker had made a school to be only for blacks in the city but would you normally call this an elitist program? I, myself, aren’t sure of this. Are elitist programs normally counted as something bad? Booker had made a school only for blacks while someone had made schools only for whites so was it fair now? Or is there still some injustice in this situation? I don’t believe that what Booker made was a bad idea. Colored people just needed an education just as much as the whites did. Booker’s school did give specialize the blacks but he whites were getting the same, just in a different location, in a different school. So, in my perspective Booker’s school is not really an elitist program.

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