Booker T. Washington’s most memorable moments takes place around the time from when he enrolls into Tuskegee Institute till after he gets his own schools for anyone, not just white people, working at a steady pace. He starts when he overhears two men in the coal-mine, where he works, talking about a school in Virginia, Hampton Institute. He proposes the idea to his mother and although she is sad, she accepts her son’s goals and sends him off, tearfully wishing him good luck with his studies. Now keep in mind that Booker was born as a slave, so when him and his Black family were released after the Civil War, they didn’t specifically have a reasonable amount of money. In that case, how in the world could Booker be accepted in a popular expensive institute, and still manage well? Yes, it was a bit of a struggle- no it was a big struggle for Booker to keep his studies under him, and his tuition under control but before we leap in too far in lets start from the beginning. After, Booker’s mom sent him off, Booker didn’t go straight to school and neither did he go back home. Walking the way to Hampton Institute, he stopped and actually live with a woman, he called Mrs. Ruffner, for around a year and a half. At first he was nervous and scared. Mrs. Ruffner had a reputation for being strict and perhaps not so nice; however, he got to understand how she lived. He tried to meet her standards, cleaning the dirty, cleaning the broken, and so forth. He go tto trust and see her as his firend as she go to trust him. This relationship did not break his goal to Hampton. In 1872 he set off, unsure of the directions.
One day, he was looking as to where he would sleep. He checked his surroundings, making sure no one was watching , and without further redo, climbed through a man-made hole in the street. During his night underground, he saw heavily-built men lifting cargo off a large ship. He approached the captain and offered in exchange for little money. The captain generously agreed and provided Booker with small shelter and a bit of food. After some days of working on the ship, Booker decided that it was time to continue his way toward the Institute. He bid his new friend good-bye and went on his way. Now if you didn’t this already, Booker gave himself the surname”Washington” when he enrolled into school. When Booker was finally enrolled into Tuskegee, he managed fine. With a little money from his own work and some from his brother, John, he did well on his own. He worked hard and succeeded with his education. In fact after school, he started opening school around where he lived for the colored people to join in. Being the leader and teacher of a small school to taking care of a large building filled with teachers and students was a huge leap. Booker became famous and his history is written in many books and articles.

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