Several books and literature make me have a deep and better understanding of a certain thing but it never really has effected me in a major way. I’ve read, in the English autobiography, a story on a man named Sergei Kourdakov. He was a Russian man who persecuted Christians. Little did he know that one day he would become a believer himself. When he started praying and reading the Bible, I realized how awful he must have felt. The guilt would have been unbearable for, the fact that I, now a believer, used to beat and hurt them. In the end, he ends by apologizing to the Believers, who stood out, and it touched me;however, I didn’t feel that effected too where I would change my way of thinking or acting. I’ve read Heidi where her heart is shattered to be taken from her grandpa, to a place that was totally different than what she was used to. I can picture myself in her situation and how devastated I would be. I’ve read the Indian Captive were a young American girl is taken captive by Indians. She adapts soon and grows attached to her new home while I would probably never adapt. I’ve read through Little House on the Prarie where Laura Ingalls and her family go through several moments of fear, happiness, sorrow, etc. Also compared to modern day life, we don’t have to go and hunt for food or have to wash our own clothes, build our own house. Helen Keller went deaf and blind, Will Smith grew broke after having bought several cars and motorcycles, Macbeth murders Duncan, scary ghosts visit Scrooge, Tom Sawyer and Huck get involved with a murderer, Jim Lehrer gets a heart attack, and the list goes on. All of these don’t affect me in any major way. I may feel sympathy for this character or sorrow for that one, but don’t ever change anything about me. I may collect more information like how it feels to have a heart attack (Jim Lehrer) or how to grow or make food (Little House on the Prarie) or that we can actually live with being deaf or blind (Helen Keller) despite what we think about living that way. There are some though that are supposed to apply to life as it is and I have read a couple of those. One of them, Teenage Liberation Book, that was assigned in the ABC( Academic Boot Camp). It is written by a woman who explains and compares public school and homeschool. I read through it and although it was sort of boring and repetitive of the same thing, I got the idea. To be honest, I already knew what it was going to be about and my parents always talk to me about things like these so there was nothing really new. It was sort of entertaining and proved many points that I already new but didn’t know how to point it out or prove it. It was a really good book and I still have too. I wouldn’t really say it changed me since I already knew a lot about it and in the first place literature doesn’t really effect me in a big way. Things like talking, speeches, and videos; however, books don’t effect me that way. Not yet.

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